Get More Real Estate Leads

Every real estate professional knows they need to prioritize communication with their leads. And happily, there are many ways to stay in touch with potential customers, but perhaps no other platform is as effective as Google Messaging.

Get more real estate leads

Whether you’re sustaining relationships with clients you’ve done business with in the past, or you’re using your website to attract new potential customers, Google Messaging offers an efficient, personalized way for agents and leads to communicate. And the best part? Customers can message you first after they’ve searched you up on Google. This dynamic nearly guarantees more communication with ideal leads who are ready to buy or sell, which means more business for you.

How it works

Getting started with Google Messaging is easy. First, go to your Google My Business homepage and select the Messaging section on the left hand side of the page. Or, click on the bottom panel in the middle of the page to get setup.

Don’t have a Google My Business page? Learn to set it up here.


You must verify the phone number that’s associated with your business. It’ll connect to the Messaging system you’ll be using to communicate with your leads.



Once that step’s complete, you can decide on the auto reply that your customers will receive when they get in touch for the first time through Google Messaging.



After you’ve completed the above steps, when potential customers search for, and find your business, a message icon will appear in Google alongside the rest of your business’s information.



And if they’re an iOS user, they may get directed to their standard messaging app to begin communicating.


Up your fun factor

No one likes the tired back and forth of an introductory business conversation. That’s where Allo comes in. If you’re interested in providing more to your customers than just the standard black and white text, Allo allows you to send stickers, emojis and sketches to your leads for an added dose of pizazz. Just register Allo with the same number that’s connected to your Google My Business account. You can educate your leads and gauge their interest in your agency in a fun way while also showcasing your expertise.

While using features like Google Messaging and Allo is only the first step in establishing relationships with new customers, the more engaged a potential client is, the more likely they’ll be to remember your name when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

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