Our Story

Access to capital is simply not enough for most startups to get off the ground. It’s vital for inexperienced entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of the game from the ground up.

My co-founder and I have grown our company into 12 full time team members, with offices in 2 countries – all with no funding or access to capital. Looking back on our experiences, the one thing we wished we had along the way was mentorship not funding.

Having access to industry experts with real experience is the most valuable and influential asset, which we now know, is priceless.

Our aim is to provide young startup software companies specializing in the real estate market, the resources and mentorship to grow, commercialize, and scale their businesses. We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs in our community, and very excited to work with the brightest young minds in the industry.

– Kosta Panagoulias, Co-Founder Web4Realty

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What We Offer

Free shared office space for 6 months

Extensive hands-on mentorship from our founders and other industry experts

Utilize our business resources and discounts

Access to seed funding and venture capitalists

Weekly sessions to help design, challenge, test and validate your concept/business

What We're Looking For

A software company/startup focused on serving the real estate market

Dedicated, motivated, and hungry group of individuals

 Teams who are eager to learn and open to new ideas

 First incubator term from October 2015 to April 2016

 Applications for our second Incubator session opens in April 2016