ReTargeting for Real Estate Agents

Most of your website visitors don’t end up coming back after the first visit.

ReTargeting Solves This Problem

Here’s How it Works

retargeting for real estate agents

ReTargeting is a cookie-based form of online advertising that allows you to expose your name and brand to individuals who have recently browsed your site. 

website retargeting for real estate

Custom Ads, Just for You

Our industry leading designers will create a completely custom set of ads to match your branding.

real estate retargeting
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Why choose ReTargeting over other forms of online advertising?

ReTargeting is among the most Cost Effective forms of marketing

  • ReTargeting ads are enabled on 90% of the web!
  • You’re advertising to people already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest.
  • ReTargeting efforts see greater ROI than other forms of virtual advertising.

ReTargeting is the best way to build Brand Awareness

  • Individuals will be exposed to your name, reinforcing your brand and encouraging your prospects to return to your website.
  • Brand awareness is enhanced through priming. Individuals who view your ads outside your actual website are primed by implicit memory to your name and brand.
  • This is the same concept that goes behind all product placement campaigns (e.g. someone drinking a Coca-Cola in a movie).

ReTargeting is extremely effective at Capturing Leads that don’t convert right away

  • For most websites, only 2% of your traffic will convert on the first visit. ReTargeting allows you to recapture the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.

ReTargeting allows you to reach the Right People!

  • The individuals you are ReTargeting are not random. You are targeting those looking into your business, real estate.
website retargeting for realtors

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