40 Real Estate Blogging Ideas

When it comes to real estate blogging, one of the main challenges can be thinking of real estate blogging ideas. Trying to give your readers something to engage with that is exciting and fun is a significant challenge. However, if you are a regular blogger, you probably already know that blogging is a sure-fire way to drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately generate more real estate leads. 

Not sure where to start? First time blogging? Don’t have much time? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered!

Here are 40 ideas to get you started!

real estate blogging ideas


1. Blog about any recent changes in housing legislation.

2. Tips on how to make the right choice on investment properties.

3. A how-to guide on buying foreclosures.

4. Help on getting fair home interest rates.

5. Build a small list of famous locals who may have owned properties in a particular community.

6. Find the most expensive homes in the region and write a small editorial on each one.

7. Find a list of useful websites that clients could visit within your local market for help and assistance with their purchase/sale.

8. Create a list of the most popular restaurants in your community.

9. A list of the schools that are in the local area, broken down by style.

10. The cheapest and best deals on the market for condos.

11. Write a little about the local community – history, for example.

12. Also, try follow it up with a little about why you personally love the town.

13. Provide a list of well-loved charities in the area and why you like them.

14. Look at the current market in your area truthfully and offer advice.

15. List homes with iconic and scenic views from the home, with photos included if possible.

16. Create short promotional video group of you showing people around the local area.

17. Write about local topics – give insight into the community and what residents might expect.

18. Provide some examples of the best stories you have to share about your realtor experience.

19. List ten reliable tradesman who could be used to help out on renovation projects.

20. Provide a list of useful local services such as dry-cleaning.

21. Build a listing of summer activities and events that everyone can take part in.

22. Find the largest homes and list them by size for a bit of extra detail.

23. Write about the best local cuisines in the area and what people should try when they arrive here.

24. Include links to the top medical experts in your area – like doctors and dentists.

25. You could also include links to helpful services like barbers and tattoo artists.

26. Find the best health clubs and gyms with links to find each provided.

27. Write about the oldest homes in the area.

28. Interview customers and find out tips from a buyers’ perspective.

29. List the best places to find ice cream.

30. A list of the finest local day-care and childcare services.

31. A list of the best golf clubs in the area.

32. A list of your favourite coffee shops in the community.

33. A how-to guide for putting on a good presentation for your home.

34. An editorial about a local business in your community.

35. Neighbourhood stories from the locals.

36. Tips on managing home maintenance costs.

37. Industry news in general to keep people informed.

38. Assistance on managing credit scores.

39. A good listing of recreational activities such as parks in the area.

40. Blog about the benefits of using a realtors to help with the purchase/sale.