30 Awesome Real Estate Domain Name Ideas

Although it may not seem like something you need to think about at first, choosing the right real estate domain name for your website is very important. Whether you’re a new real estate agent and just getting your operation up and running, or you’re interested in making over and refreshing your online presence, selecting the right domain name matters.

Think about it from the perspective of your leads. Would you take a real estate business (or any other for that matter) seriously if the URL that led to the site was full of misspellings or completely irrelevant to the business itself? We didn’t think so.

Here are 5 criteria to remember when deciding on the ideal address for your website:

1. Keep it short

No potential customer or casual visitor to your website wants to enter a long or confusing address into their browser. There’s more room for error, meaning your leads could end up at the wrong website, not to mention it’s less memorable. You definitely don’t want a rambling domain associated with your business for several reasons.

2. Make sure it relates directly to the goals of your business

You’ve already spent countless hours thinking about your brand, logo, and value proposition, so why would your domain name be any different? If a fitting real estate domain name is available and truly represents your business, something like condoliving.com, if the niche you specialize in is high-end condos and homes, make that purchase without a second thought.

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3. Keep your real estate domain name easy to spell and remember

This tip goes along with choosing a website address that directly relates to your business, but you simply must select a real estate domain name that is simple and memorable. Ideally, the name of your business and your website address will be synonymous in the minds of your leads.

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4. Be descriptive and interesting

While it does not pay to create a domain name that’s as long as your browser’s window, when it comes to thinking of engaging URLs that have keyword value, the more the descriptive you can be, the better.

For example, if your business is centered around helping clients buy and sell lakefront properties, or you strive to assist older couples in downsizing to more manageable spaces after they retire, your domain name should reflect that.

5. Cover your bases by buying commonly misspelled domains too

It’s not unheard of for people to misspell web addresses when they’re searching online. Let’s say the URL tied to your business is something like parkviewhomes.com. If you were to buy parkeviewhomes.com and parkveewhomes.com and direct both of those domains to the main address associated with your business, you’d see an increase in site traffic.

An important note about SEO: domain names absolutely affect search engine optimization. So, what does this mean for your website and your business?

For starters:

  • The right (and wrong) domain name impacts traffic to your site
  • Including targeted keywords in your domain name can help your site rank higher in search results
  • Choosing a .com extension for your domain name is the safest way for your site to appear normally in search results. Using others can make your site turn up as spam to search engines

Now that we’ve provided you with a brief rundown on the essential dos and don’ts of real estate domain naming, it wouldn’t be fair to leave you without a list of examples to get the ball rolling.

Below you’ll find 30 of our best real estate domain examples. We’re hoping you’ll be able to use these ideas to brainstorm web addresses that suit the needs of your own business and brand.

30 Awesome Real Estate Domain Name Ideas

  1. TorontoTopAgents.com
  2. LeahSanchezAgent.com
  3. LuxuryProperties.com
  4. HomePros.com
  5. AllenSellsHomes.com
  6. CondoLiving.com
  7. FromHousetoHome.com
  8. SellingYorkville.com
  9. PropertyExperts.com
  10. HomesBySean.com
  11. DreamHomeSellers.com
  12. HomeownerGurus.com
  13. BuyWithSarah.com
  14. YourNeighbourhoodPros.com
  15. FirstHomes.com
  16. CityDwellings.com
  17. BuyingAndSellingToronto.com
  18. PerfectViews.com
  19. MariaAndMartinThompson.com
  20. ApartmentLiving.com
  21. Homes4Families.com
  22. RealEstateAgentPros.com
  23. HomeMavens.com
  24. YourExpertAgent.com
  25. CityOrCountry.com
  26. HomeAuthority.com
  27. NeighbourhoodWizards.com
  28. WaterfrontHomes.com
  29. HeartOfToronto.com
  30. DiscoverScarborough.com

The above list makes up just a few of the types of real estate domain names you could choose for your own website. To recap, ensure that your domain name is relevant to your business, is as specific as possible, is reasonably short, and is memorable to site visitors and you’re in good shape.

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