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Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create Them

Businesses are built on relationships, and this especially rings true for real estate professionals. The relationships you maintain with your past clients are important, but this is only half the story. Top producing real estate agents also take advantage of every interaction they have with potential clients. Real Estate CRM’s like LeadBank are not only built to nurture existing relationships, but they also serve to foster new ones.

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As a real estate agent, the most important interaction that you should be recording, managing, and acting upon are your opportunities. An opportunity is any interaction where a client or lead communicates interest in engaging in a real estate transaction. For example, an acquaintance at a social gathering may mention their desire to downsize in the next year. Opportunities like this present themselves everyday – so are you capitalizing on them?

How To Use A Real Estate CRM To Manage Opportunities

Top producing real estate professionals make a habit of recording opportunities on a daily basis. Once the opportunity is added, you can prepare an action plan to nurture the relationship and convert that opportunity into a transaction! Using LeadBank CRM, you are able to easily record opportunities to specific contacts in a few clicks, watch below:

What To Do After You’ve Added An Opportunity

Recording an opportunity is the first step towards nurturing a lasting relationship. The goal of any opportunity is to convert the potential transaction into an actual transaction. Below we’ve listed our top 3 nurturing strategies to consider after you’ve added an opportunity.

1. Set Follow-Up Reminders 📆

When things get busy, it’s important we have checks and balances in place to make sure we are on track. Never miss an important touch-point again by setting up specific reminders using your real estate CRM. With LeadBank CRM, you can ensure that every communication with your client is timely and relevant. See it in action below:

2. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind  💭

Don’t become a vague memory – you need to stay connected with every current and potential client you have. Anytime you add a new contact to your real estate CRM, you should be making it a priority to have your new contact connected to you in as many ways as possible. 

Have them like and follow you on social channels that you are actually using. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like all serve as platforms to not only promote your real estate business, but also your character. 

 Add your new contacts to any online or offline content you send out. This could include your monthly newsletter, flyers, promotions and more!

3. DO NOT Direct Buyers to 🛑

If you’ve added a buyer opportunity (a potential property purchase), you should not be sending them to other websites to view new listings. The SmartSearch IDX system on your real estate website is fully integrated to the MLS®, is updated daily, and all listings are connected to you and not the listing agent.

If your new buyer opportunity is specific, for example a client wanting an office for lease in Mississauga. PageManager allows you to create custom listing pages where you can set specific MLS® filters in seconds! For example, you can build a page that only displays offices for lease in Mississauga, and you can share that page to your potential buyer client. Check it in action below: 

Your Real Estate Business Runs On Opportunities

If there’s anything you should take away from this article, it’s that you can take a page from the top producing real estate agents. Keeping up with past clients is a common habit among realtors, but it’s those who also nurture relationships with potential clients that see consistent growth in their real estate business.

As the title suggests, opportunities come to those who create them. Be mindful of all the interactions you have on a daily basis, and make a habit of recording opportunities using a real estate CRM. Once the opportunity has been recorded, you can develop an effective follow-up strategy that will show your new lead that you are the best choice for them.


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