Real Estate Agent Website Seo

Do you want to boost your website SEO and generate more real estate leads? Well, it’s not as gruelling as you may think. It’s actually quite simple: just add unique content to your real estate agent website and follow the straightforward real estate SEO checklist below.

Whether you’re creating a new blog post or a new page on your website, you will find this helpful. 

Alrighty then! Lets assume you want to create a page on your website about “Liberty Village Condos”. Here are 7 easy-to-follow steps to optimize your new page on search engines:

#1 Brainstorm the Keywords you want to target ✅

  • Keywords are the words and phrases that searchers type into search engines to find websites that match what they are looking for. 
  • Try to think about what people are searching in Google and try to keep your keyword phrases ‘human’ sounding. For example: opt for “Liberty Village Condos” rather than “Liberty Listings” as someone is more likely to search for the latter. 
  • We recommend adding 3-5 keywords per page. Less is more here.
  • It is extremely important that your keywords are used in your browser title, description, and content of the page (more on this below).
  • Use Google Keyword Planner to find out how much volume the keywords are getting.


  • Keyword #1: “Liberty Village Condos”
  • Keyword #2: “Liberty Village Condominiums”
  • Keyword #3: “Liberty Village Condos for Sale”

#2 Give your new page a Title

  • Make sure you include your main keyword in your page title.
  • Be sure to add an H1 tag to your page title.

real estate website seo









#3 Write original content and include the Keyword in your Content

  • Try to include your selected keyword(s) within the content at least once.

real estate agent websites









  • If you have an IDX Website and your desired keyword is related to properties, be sure to add an IDX listings filter to the page (Google loves this ?).

realty site content












#4 Include a Call-to-Action Form ✅

  • There is no point in driving traffic to a page if there is no call-to-action to help you capture the lead.

real estate lead capture









#5 Include your keyword in your Browser Title

Browser titles are crucial in helping you get a better ranking on search engines. They appear at the top of the browser and also in the search engine results.

  • Keep your browser title between 50-55 characters (including spaces)
  • Use your keywords in your browser title
  • Use “|” to separate each keyword


  • Browser Title: Liberty Village Condos | Liberty Village Condominiums 

realtor browser title tip









#6 Make your Meta Description enticing ✅

The meta description is extremely important in enticing searchers to click on your website website link. You should write a short paragraph letting searchers know exactly what the given page contains.

  • Keep your meta description between 150-160 characters.
  • Try to include at least one keyword in your meta description.


  • Meta Description: Are you looking for Liberty Village Condos for Sale? If so, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the best condominium deals in Liberty Village Now!

realtor meta tags









#7 Match your URL with your Title

Optimizing your URL is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

  • Make sure your Main Keyword, Page Title, Browser Title (one of the keywords), and URL are matching (like below).


  • URL:

realtor seo







Well done, you did it! Next step is to share your new page on all your social accounts! The more links around the web, the better.