Rela Estate Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram is one of the most used and fastest growing social media apps available. So much so, that they recently announced that they reached 700 million users. Many real estate agents are cognizant of this and are setting up Instagram accounts. However, most agents are either inactive on Instagram, or they’re not using it properly. 

This is where you come in. 

The fact that many agents are misusing Instagram can work to your advantage. But only if you commit to using Instagram correctly. We compiled a list of Real Estate Instagram Accounts you can follow to get inspired, learn from, or repost from (instructions below). Below is an eclectic mix of popular real estate related Instagram accounts which you could use to to draw inspiration for your future posts. Others, you can use to have a laugh and for repost value. All of them should make you a more aware real estate marketer. 

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Real Estate Instagram Accounts You Should Follow:

The Broke Agent
Follow The Broke Agent to get your fix of highly engaging, socially driven, and relatable content for real estate professionals. It’s guaranteed to give you a daily chuckle! It is the #1 source for real estate entertainment. 

“This one’s definitely going to go smoothly.”

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Jordan Cohen
Follow Jordan Cohen to get inspired by his weekly luxury listings alerts. He’s ranked as the #1 Remax Agent in the USA with over 165 Million in annual sales.  Get inspired by sifting through his latest listings. 


Follow NAR, “The Voice for Real Estate,” and America’s largest trade association, representing 1.2 million members to get informed on the latest happenings and learn to become more profitable and successful today. 

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Laughing Realtor
Follow Laughing Realtor to get your daily dose of hilarious real estate related videos. Getting through the day can be tough sometimes. You have to remember to laugh. Following the Laughing Realtor is a sure-fire way to cheer up. 


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Chad Carroll
Follow Chad Carroll to get plugged-in to some of the most beautiful homes in South Florida. 


Fredrik Eklund
Follow Fredrik Eklund the Swedish New York City based real estate broker and celebrity. Fredrik is also a Bravo TV reality star whose lifestyle is certainly anything but mundane. 


How to repost on Instagram:

First, download Repost for Instagram by By Red Cactus LLC (free).

Step 1: Find something you want to repost on Instagram

Step 2: Copy share URL

Step 3: Open Repost App

Step 4: Click repost

And voilà, it’s done, you’ve reposted a photo.

Make sure you post on your Instagram regularly. Whether you’re reposting a funny real estate meme or you’re posting photos of your latest listing, make sure you’re posting at least once per week!


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