4 Ways To Make Your Testimonials Stand Out

As a real estate professional, the importance of client endorsements is unquestionable. If you have earned some client testimonials and have them posted on your website, nobody should leave your site without reading at least one!

It is unfortunate that this happens all-too-often; testimonials are either not readily-available across the website or fail to capture the attention of your visitors.

Web4Realty’s platform provides cutting-edge tools and options to avoid this issue entirely, thus ensuring your hard-earned testimonials are given maximum exposure. Here are four easy ways to make your testimonials stand-out:

1) Put a face to the name!

Adding photos to each testimonial is a great way to add that extra glamour to each review. People love being able to associate a face to a quote. Obtaining a photo of your past clients shouldn’t be difficult, you can extract it from their Facebook profiles or simply ask them directly. Adding your clients’ photo to your testimonials is a piece of cake! Check it out:

Note: Make sure your images are squares (equal on all sides) and do not exceed 500px x 500px

2) Lights – Camera – Action! 

In many ways, video content has a more prominent impression on website visitors. Not only does it require less effort to consume, but it presents your branding in an astonishing way. It is no surprise that many REALTORS® have capitalized on this trend and have had many clients provide endorsements through video.

With the technologies offered today on the average smart phone, you don’t need to necessarily hire a professional camera crew to carry out a video testimonial. Create a nice setup for the background, and have your happy clients express their gratitude for your services in a whole new dimension. Video testimonials add elements such as voice and facial expressions which really take testimonials to another level.

It’s Easy to Add Testimonials With Web4Realty’s 14-Free Trial (No Credit Card Required).

Once you’ve got a video made, simply upload it to YouTube and add them to your site in under 30 seconds:

3) Have testimonials on every page of your website.

No visitor should leave your website without reading at least one of your client testimonials. Using PageManager, you can add a testimonial widget manually to every page. However, I recommend the following 30 second solution which will automatically add your testimonials to every page of your site:

4) Reading glasses shouldn’t be needed.

When you add testimonials, make sure your font size is at least 18px. This will ensure readers can clearly read the testimonials without needing to bring out the reading glasses. Although seemingly obvious; its more than likely you have testimonials presented in tiny font sizes. Fortunately, updating font sizes takes a few seconds:

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