Area Alert

Become the Neighbourhood Expert with Area Alert

One of the greatest joys you can provide to your clients is showing them the rising value of their greatest asset. Whether your client plans to sell in the near future or not, knowing the current value of their property is imperative. This is the information your clients and prospects will use in order to make informed decisions when the time does come to list their property. In knowing this, we are proud to introduce you to Area Alert. 

Area Alert is an interactive landing page built-into your website. It allows leads to register for market value updates specifically within their neighbourhood. With every lead generated, you’ve positioned yourself as their go-to resource for their property’s value. These neighbourhood updates you provide will pave the way to meaningful conversations with your leads. You are offered the opportunity to showcase your community knowledge, and more importantly, you can communicate your value as their (future) REALTOR®.

How do I generate leads with Area Alert?

1 – Go to your website, and go to SELLING > AREA ALERT






2 – Copy the URL on the address bar of your browser



3 – Create a short call-to-action message, and share this URL to your audience! This can be accomplished with an email newsletter and/or social media.











Are you farming a particular neighbourhood? You need to watch this video ?

Door-to-Door Real Estate Marketing with Area Alert ?

If you’re currently running a door-to-door marketing campaign, the Area Alert landing page should be your go-to companion. All you need to do is have your Area Alert page readily available on your mobile or tablet device.

Real Estate Door-to-Door Marketing Technique

Once you’ve made your introduction, let the homeowner know that you offer an amazing service which will notify them of exactly how much their neighbours have sold for. You would further explain that the service is absolutely free, provides a great indicator for the return on their investment, and is worthwhile to know whether or not they plan to sell.

Voila! You’ve just entered into a long-term relationship with your prospect – you’ve become their neighbourhood expert.