How To Personalize Your Real Estate Website

Today’s cutthroat real estate market means a solid online presence is an indispensable necessity. A generic website coupled with generic content is no longer sufficient or productive. Personalizing your real estate website makes your website more appealing and ultimately more interesting for your website visitors. Essentially, a personalized website is more relevant and has equal parts beauty and brain. Here are some simple, yet effective ways to personalize your realtor website design.

1. Create an About Me Profile

An about me page (example) is the foundation of a real estate website; this single page will tell all your readers about who you are and what differentiates you from other realtors. The about me page of a real estate website is a chance to tell your potential clients more about you and your company. It is also a chance to describe your strong points and achievements. 

2. Add Client Testimonials

Every potential client who visits a real estate agent website wants to know who has actually purchased their service. Using testimonials (example) either in audio, text or video format will not only answer this basic question but will also transform your sales pitch into an unbiased and credible recommendation for your real estate services. Testimonials are effective because they help build trust and they aren’t salesy because they are not written in your voice. Additionally, testimonials also help overcome scepticism, especially among those clients who have numerous options to choose from.

3. Link Your Website to Your Social Media

Recent reliable statistics suggest that 3 billion people are active on at least one social media site daily. This means that as a realtor, social media exposes your brand to a wide clientele base. By linking your website to social media platforms (example) you will be able to engage with customers, and they will have access to more information about your services.

4. Start a Real Estate Blog

When a realtor starts a real estate blog (example) on their website, it is a clear indication that they are an authority in your industry. Blogging has proven to be one of the best strategies for driving organic traffic to your website. A blog helps real estate agents deviate from push marketing to pull marketing which is typically a positive experience as it involves providing enough value for a potential client so that they arrive at your product or service at their own free will.

5. Feature Your Listings and Your Office Listing

If your website has a decent IDX Listings Platform, chances are it allows you to create a “Featured Listings” page (example) on your website that contains your listings and your office listings (updated daily). Additionally, you can set a filter that features your listings and your office listings together – but set it so your listings are always pushed to the very top. Many of your website visitors are curious to see your featured listings, and many of your clients whose homes you are listing expect to see their listings marketed on your website. So, make sure you have a featured listings pages on your website! 

6. Install Live Chat On Your Real Estate Website

Live Chat is about more than merely chatting; it is arguably one of the most reliable ways to gain a lead and keep your current clients content. Through live chat, a realtor can easily discover any problems or concerns that clients have and address them promptly. Personalizing your real estate website by using live chat will help you build lasting business relationships (build customer loyalty) and it will also give you the chance to transform a casual website visitor into a client.

Here are three companies that offer free versions of their live chat you can enable on any realtor website:


7. Feature IDX Listings From Your Focus Communities

Are you looking for a great way to drive traffic to your real estate website while showcasing your local market? The solution is simple! A well set up community/neighborhood profile page is the ace up your sleeve. It is an excellent lead generator that not only builds your credibility but also reveals you as a trustworthy market leader who truly understands the area. An effective neighbourhood profile page should be stocked with listings and pertinent information that is extremely informative to potential and current clients.  Here is a helpful blog describing how IDX can help you generate real estate leads.

Apart from being competitive, the current real estate market is also very crowded. This means that for a website to stand out from the competition and have a chance at attracting clientele, it has to be tailored to give visitors a unique brand experience.

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