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Captivate Your Audience with Animated Listings Showcase Sliders

Listings are the most important element your website. Research has shown that the #1 source of leads you will generate from your website will come from listings. It is no wonder why we’ve developed the most versatile listing tools in the market; empowering you to generate leads, promote your target areas, and boost your Google ranking. We’d like to introduce you to one of these tools, Listings Showcase Sliders.

Listings Showcase Sliders allow you to feature listings on your website with a beautiful animated interface. They can be added to any page of your website and are completely customizable! For example, if you create a page about a particular condo building, a Listings Showcase Slider can be added which strictly showcases listings from that building.

The customization options don’t end there; our system allows you to generate Listings Showcase Sliders with a wide variety of possible filters. To name a few, you can choose to display listings from your choice of: types, styles (e.g. detached only), beds/baths, price ranges, locations and more! 

How to add Listings Showcase Sliders:

1 – Login to your website and go to Page Manager





2 – Select the Page you want to add the Listings Showcase Slider to








3 – Add any Listings Widget > select Slider > set your Filters





Watch our Video Tutorial ?

Listings Showcase Sliders put to use  ?

Our client developed a website catered to their farm market – Square One condos in Mississauga. By generating a custom Listings Showcase Slider, the clients’ homepage now features the newest condos for sale in-and-around the Square One area!

Square One Condo Example