NurtureFlow, automate your important tasks & follow-ups

Build high-value relationships on autopilot

Keeping in touch with clients, while managing your business is time consuming

When your contacts pile up, it’s hard to remember specific conversations and which opportunities to prioritize.
Gain back control of your time.

No Standardized, Scalable Process Leads to Lost Commissions

Juggle new prospects and keep clients happy, without stretching your already busy schedule

Automate your follow-ups with NurtureFlow
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Keep the conversation going, and nurture relationships based on your last interaction

NurtureFlow allows you to send the right message at the right time to keep you top of mind with prospects.

  • Send custom follow-up emails and SMS lead nurturing campaigns based on your last interaction
  • Avoid delays. Remind clients of showings, open houses, appraisals, and other important appointments
  • No more double-booked appointments. Automatically add events to your calendar as soon as you get a lead, or when a contact replies to your message.

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Fast response to inquiries, even when you're away

Wherever your inquiries come from, there’s a big chance they also contacted other agents.

Don’t miss out on opportunities because you weren’t quick to respond.

  • Answer inquiries and leads on autopilot, even if you're not online
  • Send timely personalized replies with the contact’s desired neighborhood, property type, and other requests.
  • Send an automated follow-up days after your first interaction to answer any questions

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Save time by assigning tasks automatically

Free up your schedule by delegating other tasks and follow-ups to your team.

  • Distribute new leads to other agents as they come in
  • Save up to 2 hours a day by automatically passing admin tasks to your assistant as they come in
  • Remind your assistant to send important documents before closing
  • Notify team members when a lead responds to your message

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Visual marketing automations with end-to-end client journeys

Create automated real estate marketing for many of your routine tasks with our visual interface.

  • User-friendly interface: Triggers and personalization options made specifically for the real estate market. No coding, just click and choose
  • Stack one automated process on top of another to save time
  • Create a lead follow up system and real estate agent workflow, tailor made to your preferred relationship building and marketing strategy
  • One platform for everything: email, SMS, calendar reminders, and even postcards!

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With real estate marketing automation, the possibilities are endless:

Enroll other team members to automatically schedule appraisals, inspections, picture taking, and other ad-hoc tasks.
Update lead status by connecting NurtureFlow with your CRM.
Send automatic referral and testimonial requests to clients after they close.
Boost open house attendance through automated reminders.
Stay top of mind with past clients via SMS, anniversary postcards and emails.
Get feedback on property showings and open houses via pre-scheduled SMS to attendees.

NurtureFlow Does All the Heavy Lifting For You.

You asked, we delivered.

Our CEO talked to hundreds of real estate agents and found one common struggle — staying in touch with all their prospects. And so the idea for NurtureFlow was born— a first in the industry relationship building tool that automatically sends messages with triggers and contact options specifically for real estate agents.

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