What Is Ddf Data Distribution Facility

When it comes to sharing listings with your leads and clients you likely aren’t interested in how available properties appear on your website, only that they do. DDF (Data Distribution Facility), a data-sharing service available from CREA, is all about making real estate professionals’ already busy lives easier.

But how does the service accomplish this? You may be asking yourself. And how do I know if it’s the best choice for me? Never fear! We’re here to give the complete rundown on what DDF is, who it’s best suited for and its benefits and drawbacks for real estate professionals.

What is DDF?

DDF is set up with automation in mind. Once agents create a DDF profile, any available listing belonging to them or matching their criteria appears on third party real estate websites as well as an agent’s own site.

The main idea of DDF is to simplify. Thanks to the automation behind the service, new and existing listings on third party sites get updated when an agent makes changes to the original property details on their personal website, saving time all around.

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Who is it ideal for?

Unfortunately, there are several real estate boards and organisations DDF isn’t meant for. If you’re a member of associations like TREB, CREB, EREB or a handful of others, you’re much better off opting into a standard IDX feed. Agents who belong to smaller markets away from metropolitan areas that do not have their own MLS get the most use out of DDF.


How to create custom IDX listings pages:



What are the pros and cons of DDF?

Like anything, DDF is not without its flaws. While DDF does provide agents with a couple perks like the ability to keep property details up-to-date and consistent, there are drawbacks as well.

As we’ve already mentioned, DDF isn’t suitable for agents or a brokerage that belongs to an MLS and is eligible to receive an IDX feed. Secondly, since all DDF listings are part of the National Shared Pool, there isn’t a way to pick and choose which properties get featured online, unless a seller explicitly says they’d like their home not to be included in the database.

So there you have it. While DDF makes sense for smaller regions, it may not be ideal for use in urban areas and when filtering out less desirable listings, despite its automation capabilities and consistency.


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