How To Promote Your Real Estate Listing

There is a large amount of debate in the real estate community over which online marketing technique carries the most weight for real estate agents. Some agents prioritize building and maintaining relationships with their leads and clients over anything else, while others are all about consistently producing and sharing relevant content with their followers. Though every agent has their own approach to online marketing tactics, one aspect that should never be ignored is the proper promotion of your listings.

Effectively promoting your available listings is one of the most important tasks any agent has. Think about it: if you aren’t taking the time each day to actively market your available properties to your leads, you’re potentially hurting your livelihood and your business.

Luckily for you, we’ve gathered together a handful of helpful tips and ideas to digitally promote the listings pulled in from our IDX Software on to your website. Read on for insight into making the most of tools like social media and email marketing to get your leads engaged with your listings.

Use your IDX provider to your advantage.

Web4Realty offers a state-of-the-art IDX Solution, along with a VOW Solution (for Toronto Real Estate Board Members). These tools ensure that:

  1. Your listings, your brokerage listings, and thousands of other listings are automatically updates to your website
  2. All listings are updated on your website on a daily basis
  3. Each listings has a unique URL which is fully SEO optimized and ready to share on social!
  4. You can create your own custom listings pages. You can customize by community, type, price range, etc.
  5. And much more!


Leverage the tools you’re already using to enhance your business for listing promotion as well.

Whether you have several active listings to manage or a single desirable property, it’s best to consider two things when setting out to create your promotion plan:

  1. Ease: What are some of the tools you’re already using in your daily marketing activities? We’re willing to bet at least one of them lends itself perfectly to also displaying and sharing your listings.
  2. Efficiency: Do any of those platforms offer automation capabilities? Since you’re already balancing more than a few tasks every week, anything that can be scheduled and shared with minimal effort on your part is a plus.

Here are a few ideas for new ways to make sure your listings are seen by your leads:

Email Marketing

Hopefully you’re already taking advantage of the many benefits email marketing offers. People prefer to receive communication from businesses in their inboxes more than in any other format, they engage easily with visuals, and email is a cost effective way to reach a large group of leads. The next time you want to send out an email blast to your contact list, feature some of your most recent listings with a call-to-action encouraging them to get in touch.

Don’t have an email marketing service? We’re launching SmartMail in the coming months. Alternatively, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign are great options for now.


Your real estate blog is an excellent place to consistently share and update any content you create with your followers. Plus it’s versatile. For one post you might choose to share a video tour you filmed of a popular listing, and for another you might feature enticing details about the neighbourhoods your listings are located in.

Want to create a few posts and schedule them to go live throughout the month? Save time with the automation our blogging platform offers within PageManager.

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Web4Realty’s blogging platform allows you to blog easier and track the vital metrics of your blog.

You can even add links to your blog on your social media accounts so your followers are directed back to your website, which of course increases your site traffic. Try Web4Realty’s blogging platform free of charge here (no credit card required). 

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Facebook for Business and other social media platforms

If you really want to get your listings in front of as many of your leads as possible, head over to the social media platform of your choice. Facebook is full of videos and shareable infographics, and Instagram is an ideal place to consistently share your most beautiful properties for sale.

If you haven’t haven’t generated much lead traffic in the past using platforms like Facebook for Business and the like, it’s worth a second try. You can link your social media accounts directly to your website, and as with your blog posts, automate when your content is published so you can take care of other tasks.

People in the market for a new home are likely to browse many places online to get a sense of what’s available, including Facebook. It only makes sense to get your listings in front of your leads in the places they already spend time.

When it comes to improving your online marketing efforts, it’s best to become familiar with one technique at a time. Doing so will generate more leads for you in the short and long term, and it will give you enough time to create eye-catching pages and posts to attract and capture more potential customers to your website.

Try out Web4Realty’s in-class IDX Solution free of charge!

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