How Google Reviews Impact Your Real Estate Website

In today’s digital age, an estimated 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. Goes without saying: Google is the colossal search engine that virtually everybody is looking to when starting their home buying search. 

Google offers many products to help their users engage their customers and help their search engine rankings. One of those products is Google My Business. If you sign up for a Google My Business Page, you can start leveraging Google Reviews and improve your search engine visibility today! 

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Leveraging Google Reviews will:

  • Boost your Google ranking 📈
  • Influence your customers 📈
  • Increase your website traffic 📈
  • Improve your click through rate 📈

Convinced yet?

What are Google Reviews?

Reviews on Google provide valuable information about your business to both you and your customers. Business reviews appear next to your listing in Maps and Search, and can help your business stand out on Google. 

Why should I care about Google Reviews?

It’s no secret: Google has put a lot of emphasis on local search results. As consumers, we’re constantly looking for online reviews to help us make informed decisions. Google has clearly recognized this. Google reviews may have the following astounding effects on your business:

  • Boost your Google ranking
    According to MOZ, reviews make up approximately 10% of how Google ranks your website.
  • Influence your customers
    As a real estate agent, you are assisting home buyers and home sellers in what’s likely the largest purchase of their lifetimes. For this reason, many homebuyers and home-sellers are apprehensive when looking for their real estate agent. Having Google reviews and testimonials adds credibility and trustworthiness to your brand and makes leads much more likely to work with you.  
  • Increase your website traffic
    Since Google reviews boost your Google ranking, having Google reviews is a sure-fire way to increase your website traffic immediately. 
  • Improve your click through rate
    Studies show that having a Google My Business Page with Google Reviews increases your CTR. 

How can I start getting Google Reviews?

Setting up a Google My Business page alone is not guaranteed to garner reviews. You need to work it into your client journey. The following steps will help you get Google reviews consistently. 


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